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If you fill out the TellPopeyes Survey, you can get two free chicken pieces. You can fill out this poll on its official website, which can be found at Here are some easy questions that you can answer to win cookies or chicken strips.

Take Popeyes Survey


Popeyes is one of the most well-known and loved fast food chains, so they need to make sure their food and service are always up to date. People who have recently eaten at Popeyes are welcome to take this poll.

After KFC, Popeyes is the second-largest fast food chicken restaurant chain. There are more than 3000 Popeyes restaurants just in the US.

Only 30% of the sites are company-owned, while most are franchises. Some of the best foods at Popeyes are the fried chicken, seafood, Caucasian food, cookies, and veggies. You can take this poll at, which is the official website.

Take Popeyes Survey


Take Popeyes Survey

TellPopeyes Participation Steps

The following are some easy steps that a customer needs to take in order to take this survey:

  • Any web browser can be used to go to the survey’s official page. For this, we suggest that you use Google Chrome.
  • Going to will take you to the main site.
  • Now you have to give some information, like the date and time you went to Popeyes, the store number of the Popeyes you went to, the poll code, and so on. It’s possible to find your poll code at the very top of your receipt.
  • Now, once you’ve entered all the necessary information properly, press “Start.”
  • After this, you will be taken to a new page with a survey form.
  • You will see a list of questions here that ask you to give your opinion on some aspects of Popeyes.
  • Please make sure you correctly answer all of these questions.
  • Press “Submit” when you’re done with all the questions.
  • Now you will be asked to send the contact information. Popeyes can use these information to get in touch with the lucky winner of this survey.
  • Finally, a validation code will be shown to you. You need to use this code the next time you go to Popeyes.
  • Now all you have to do is wait for Popeyes to say what the poll found.

Take Popeyes Survey


Take Popeyes Survey

Call Popeyes to Take the Survey

Just follow the steps below to do this study over the phone:

  • Please call (877) 767-3937.
  • Answer the things that the customer service rep has asked.
  • Send in the survey number that was on the receipt.

TellPopeyes Survey Requirements

The following are some general rules that people must follow before they can take this survey:

  • Make sure you fill out the poll no more than two days after your visit to Popeyes.
  • Only people who legally live in the United States can take the Popeyes Customer Survey.
  • To take part in the poll, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • To get the two pieces of chicken and cookies for free, you have to eat at Popeyes at least once.
  • Every 30 days, only one person can use a ticket.

Every answer you give in this poll is important to Popeyes. If you want to get two free chicken pieces and a cookie, tell Popeyes about your great experience at their last location. When you leave Popeyes, don’t throw away your receipt. It has a survey code number on it, which is your ticket to the survey prizes. For those who want to give Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen some feedback, the Popeyes customer satisfaction poll is now live at

Take Popeyes Survey


Take Popeyes Survey

Tell Popeyes Survey Rewards

The Pope has promised the following benefits to everyone who fills out this survey:

  • A code with discount codes written on it.
  • A coupon code that can be used to get chicken and other deals.
  • Customers must fill out the Survey within two days of buying in order to get the free chicken code.

To do this, go to, which is the Popeyes website, and enter the basic details from your receipt. Then be honest when you answer the poll questions. At the end of this customer satisfaction poll, a code will be sent to you. Because of the discounts and awards available to everyone, you should write this code down on the receipt and bring it with you the next time you go to Popeyes.

Take Popeyes Survey

TellPopeyes is sure that the Popeyes’ Survey is an important way to find out how happy customers are. Popeyes looks at all of the comments on the TellPopeyesSurvey and works to improve things with them. These people think that their growth depends on how happy their customers are. This was the only reason the Popeyes Survey was put on the official survey website. The lucky winner of this poll will get a $1000 Popeyes gift card. In addition, each participant will get a free chicken from the Popeyes shop.

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TellPopeyes Survey On Social Media

Popeyes Customer Service

TellPopeyes is the number to call if you need help with the services or this poll. This is what you can do to give straight feedback. You can even ask them to help you. So use the cell phone number and call 1-800-682-0219 to get in touch with Tell Popeyes.

You will be put into the drawing if you fill out the survey. The grand prize in this sweepstakes is a $1,000 lottery. Other prizes include free meals, chicken, and discount coupons for your next stay.

Popeyes cares about its clients. This is why the customer poll is always being updated and has great deals and discounts. So, you can fill out the poll every season and win lots of prizes!

Enjoy your favorite food at Popeyes without spending a dime or winning a huge cash prize—what could be better? Plus, you’ll be helping the restaurant improve its service!

TellPopeyes Survey of FAQ

  • Question – How many times a month can I take part?

Answer – The customer can only fill out this poll once a month.

  • Question – Who does my talk about TellPopeyes help?

Answer – This poll is very helpful for Popeyes. When it comes to service and food, they know exactly where they stand. It also helps the customers make sure they get better service the next time they go to Popeyes.

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