Popeyes is the second-largest chicken fast food chain in the United States. If you like eating there, you’ll be happy to know that they are giving their regular customers great rewards for filling out the TellPopeyes Customer Satisfaction Survey!

Take Popeyes Survey


Take Popeyes Survey

The fast-food business wants to improve the quality of its food and services, and they need their customers’ help and feedback to do that.

You just need to fill out the survey and be completely honest when you answer all the questions. Popeyes will then give you some very valuable prizes.

TellPopeyes Survey Participation Steps

Take Popeyes Survey

It’s really simple to fill out this poll. There are a few easy steps you need to take in order to take this poll. Take a look at these steps:

  • To start the TellPopeyes Survey, go to, which is the official website for the survey platform.
  • Now you need to choose the language you want to use for this poll. You can choose to do this poll in either English or Spanish, according to Popeyes.
  • Now you’ll be asked to give details like the store number, the date and time of your visit, etc.
  • You will also have to send in the poll code. This code is written on the receipt from your last buy.
  • After you enter the information asked for, you will be taken to a page with a survey poll. The last time you went to Popeyes is used to answer some of the questions on this form.
  • You have to answer all of these poll questions.
  • After that, you’ll be asked to give us your contact information.
  • Finally, a validation code will be sent to you. Anyone who wants to win must use this code on their next visit to Popeyes.
  • Following this poll code is the only way to get the TellPopeyes poll rewards.

Make sure you know the rules and the names of past winners of the TellPopeyes Survey before you start. Also, make sure you are on the official page for the survey. It is very simple and safe for all Popeyes customers to take part in this poll.

Also, don’t forget to bring the ticket with you when you claim your free coupons. After you fill out the Popeyes Survey questionnaire, you can only get the survey rewards after you confirm the survey code.

The TellPopeyes poll gives valued customers a chance to share their thoughts and comments as part of a customer satisfaction poll. This will help make their next visit to Popeyes even better.

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